WCBS meteorologist Lonnie Quinn didn’t have it in his forecast that his daughters would interrupt his segment. Savy and Lily sure stole Quinn’s thunder on Thursday.

The girls joined Quinn because their mom was on a Zoom call for work and they figured they’d say hi to the viewing public. As CBS New York notes, when you work in live television, there are some special challenges that can arise because of that.

Quinn worried the segment was a disaster but it soon became a hit, resonating with viewers also struggling to keep their children entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The segment made its way to “CBS This Morning,” where co-host Anthony Mason praised Quinn. “Everybody loves love,” Mason said.

Quinn’s forecast featuring his daughters was even turned into a commercial for WCBS.

“Something I thought was a live TV disaster is now a CBS New York promo,” Quinn tweeted. “You, me… everyone… we are all in the same boat. If my girls gave you a much needed smile, I’m twice as happy.”

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